>Listening to Intuition


I’m a firm believer in heeding my intuition because when I don’t I so often end up the proverbial creek without even a lollystick paddle .

When I moved back from the UK in 2004, I brought with me a lovely Amethyst ring, with one central stone, which I wore pretty much all the time. Then I came across in Lismore, near where I used to live in northern New South Wales, another Amethyst ring which also called to me, here’s a pic (on my ring finger is my mother’s engagement ring which she gave me when it got too small for her hand and which, fortuitously, matches the wedding ring Bryan and I chose four days after meeting – only we didn’t decide to do the acual marriage ceremony until 27 years later, lol):

I kept my other Amethyst ring but found it now felt more comfortable on my right, instead of my left hand. But gradually, this ring which I really, really loved, started to feel ‘not right’ and I stopped wearing it.

Then, a couple of weeks ago, we travelled back to Woodenbong, where we lived from 2006-8, to see our former neighbour who’s not to well, and I had the absolute feeling I had to give her my Amethyst ring. I don’t quite know why but when I gave it to this lady, who’s very dear to me, it fit her as if it had been made for her finger, and she was very pleased with the ring.

I also knew, as sure as eggs, that if I went back to the shop in Lismore where I bought the Amethyst ring above, that a replacement ring woudl be there for me. I went in and was SO disappointed to see no rings on display. But when I asked an assistant, she brought forward two trays of rings which had been at the back of the counter. We had a grand time nattering about stones and she just went into one of the ring display boxes and pulled out the Labradorite ring I’m now wearing with great glee :

What I really love about this ring are the two Celtic spirals either side which, to me, represent my Welsh, paternal heritage, and my Irish, maternal heritage. I guess I’m embracing the magic of bringing these aspects of my ancestral lineage together to forge one whole – another aspect of the Saturn healing process I’m undertaking at present. Labradorite to me also represents the Magician in the Tarot pack – to work with the creative energies of the Universe to bring them to earth in a practical form.

Also, just as an aside, the two rings on my right ring finger are my maternal Grandmother’s wedding ring and engagement ring, dating probably from the early 1900s. They are very dear to me as I was very close to my Grandmother, she was a real sweetie who loved me unconditionally.

>Mystic Medusa – A Terrific Astrology Website

>This is just a brief comment – as I mentioned in my earlier blog, I got my transit report for the next two years from Mystic Medusa:


Apart from the fascinating insight Mystic provides in her blogs, she also offers astrological and Tarot readings which are personally calculated and not using a computer generated report. If you’re also interested, you can subscribe to get a daily update on galactic goings-on, plus – if you want to pay a bit extra – some in-depth reports on planetary happenings.

Well worth a visit and highly recommended.

>Astro-Crystal Healing

>I’ve been absent for a couple of weeks because I’ve been feeling somewhat out of sorts, a bit aimless, unmotivated and feeling emotional for no apparent reason.

Recently, however, I decided to order for myself a transit report from Mystic Medusa and it was incredibly illuminating as to why I’ve been feeling as if the stuffing’s been knocked out of me. I had a very difficult experience with my father belting me when I was 4-1/2 years old which made me feel as if my whole world had been demolished and I was left with the feeling that I’d only be tolerated in the family structure if I was quiet, well-behaved and academically proficient at school in order to get approval. Mystic told me that at the time Saturn was over my natal Libra Sun, Libra Ascendant, Venus, Neptune and Mercury. Such a formation would probably relate to father difficulties and, with Saturn distant from my Moon, a distant or unavailable mother. How spot on!

But the interesting thing is that she said this formation occurred in 1980, just after my parents migrated to Australia and I was getting involved in all sorts of difficult relationships with them again, and also – lights go on, big AHA! – the same formation is operating right now. No wonder I’ve been feeling weird, mixed-up and emotionally withdrawn. Having this information has made me determined to deal with the galactic energies resonating for me at present.

It’s a particularly appropriate time too because the Autumn Equinox was this morning, Sunday in Australia at 4.33am. To quote Mystic Medusa (and to encourage you to access her website), here’s what is going on at this time:

“This is the Sun Exalted at Zero Degrees of Aries – a mega powerful and auspicious point of the Zodiac. Excellent for making over the top resolutions, leaving behind naff crap in thep ast where it belongs (attitudes, past-use-by-date resentments, mooning over some long-gone twit lover … you get the gist) and making bold moves into the future … Aries style”.

Which, of course, is right up my alley in relation Saturnian healing and embracing a more structured, grounded, practical approach to my current focus – writing my book.

A while back I bought a square canvas with the aim of creating a mandala, but no images came to mind. In relation to this Saturnian healing opportunity, I decided to work with a mandala image and co-create it with stone spirits to effect healing of the past, integrate the wisdom I’ve accumulated because of it, and open myself up to a confident, creative, grounded, practical future.

Interestingly, last night I had a dreadful night’s sleep with sciatic pain keeping me awake. I got up for a cup of tea at 12.45am, and felt impelled to start collecting stone spirits for my Saturn healing process. Went back to bad. Still awake at 2am, so I got up for another cup of tea and pretty much collected the other stone spirits calling to me to be included in the mandala I had in my mind. So in the lead up to the Equinox at 4.33am, I had in place pretty much all of the elements with which I intended to co-create my astro-crystal healing mandala.

Firstly I painted the canvas a deep blue to represent the galactic sky. Then I drew the mandala outline with magenta pastel. I felt strongly that this was the creation of an astro-crystal healing template which needed to be flexible so that I can work with it time and time again and infuse it with healing energies aligned with my astrological songlines.

I got an image of a triangle with the bottom two points representing the two previous Saturnian challenges outlined above, and the apex representing the current opportunity offered to me to heal outmoded mind, body, spirit and emotional dissonances.

Rather than draw this, I added small tumbled clear quartz crystals for the sides. Four raw petalite stones stand in each corner to bring in spiritual/angelic energies to raise the vibrations of this mandala. Then in each base point of the triangle I placed:
– Tiger Eye – to represent Saturn, grounding and structure (the one on the left is a split heart shape which to me represented how my heart felt broken within the family structure)

– Blue Quartz – to represent the Libran energy of my Sun

– Angel Amphibole Quartz to represent my Libran Rising signs

– Rhodochrosite – to represent Venusian energy
– Metamorphosis Quartz – to represent Neptunian energy.

At the apex of the triangle are similar crystals except for:

– A Tiger Eye heart which has the split healed

– Angelite – to represent Libran healing

– Mother’s Heart – to represent Venusian, feminine healed energy

Around the mandala circle are, moving anti-clockwise in line with astrological practice: Moldavite; Rose Quartz; Pezzatoite; Larimar; Gem Sugilite; Malachite; Stibnite; Rose Quartz; Ruby. At each point of the triangle outside is a Herkimer Diamond for clarity of vision, with a triple Herkimer Diamond for familial and ancestral healing in the centre.

hen I finally put the mandala in place, it was in front of a Buddha oil burner, with Frankincense; Cedar and Patchouli oils. There’s a tea-light on the front three sides with foil in the shape of a lotus around the tea-light.

At the front of the mandala and either side of the tealight is a Pipestone, a stone used by Native American people for ritual ceremonies and a triple lavender Spirit quartz for familial and ancestral energies.

Prior to lighting the tea-lights, I wrote my intentions down on a piece of paper from Asia which is used in intention-burning ceremonies, and then burned the paper before I lit the tea-lights. All the time I kept the intention that this mandala is co-created with the support of the stone spirits to effect healing at all levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

I usually find that healing takes place over time and permeates your being as and when it’s appropriate.