>More on Wayne Dyer and Healing


I’m returning to Wayne Dyer again because I was interested in what he had to say about co-existing with chronic lymphocytic leukaemia. In his words:

“I see a doctor regularly to monitor my blood results, and as wella s getitng mainstream medical help I’m supplementing this by working with a holistic oncologist at The Chopra Center, run by Dr Deepak Chopra, an old friend of mine. I’ve also improved my diet to include more fresh vegetables. I’m not worried about healing it – I’m working to live with it. I think when you fight anything, you weaken yourself. I’m inviting it to stay in peace and harmony with me, or leave. It’s up to it. It’s just another life force.”

I find, as do so many, that when you need answers to questions or help with any matter bothering you, the answer will appear. For some time now I’ve felt unease at the approach to illness which includes the words “fighting”, “battle”, “kill it off”, and so on. It all sounds terrible bellicose to me or perhaps it’s because I’m a peacable sort of person.

I’ve often wondered perhaps what happens if you designate yourself as a cancer survivor and then cancer flares up again. Are you a failure? I don’t think so. I think we need to sit and commune with illnesses and the medication we take (if any) for dis-ease in our body.

As I mentioned in an earlier blog, I’m taking some heavy-duty medicine at present to address heliobacter pylori, which is a bacteria which inflames your stomach. It can lead to blood loss and possibly ulcers. I try not to take medication but I’m also realistic that this is what I need at present as it may clear up my hives, allergy problems and chronic fatigue. The medication can cause nausea and diarrhoea so I pondered on how to address this problem. Mr Dyer’s comments really resonated for me and sparked off a rather nice visualisation in dealing with this bacteria and the medication.

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve already asked the Archangel Gabriel to help the medication achieve its highest healing benefit for me. But I’ve added to that. I didn’t like the idea of bashing these bugs on the head, or smashing them to bits or killing them off. cool Instead, I got a clear vision my medication surrounded in bright blue and radiating out the healing blue when they reach my stomach. I also got another clear vision of the antibiotics and other medications as rather friendly little gnomes in my belly, fishing out the bacteria from where they’d burrowed into my stomach lining, reassuring them that they’d done their work and it was okay to let go and get flushed out of my system, like sitting on a mat and sliding down a helter-skelter, with Mother Earth waiting to welcome them. It was an extraordinarily clear vision which popped up so quickly, I know this is the best way for me to deal with this healing process. Hopefully, it might help you do something similar if you’re faced with taking medication yourself.

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