>You – The Star


I’d like to wind up St Valentine’s Day with a few words about yourself, you, the star of today and the future.

Pay homage to yourself!

Whoa! What a concept, eh?

But why not? The media likes to present images which we are supposed to aspire to, or writes about the lifestyle of the rich and famous which is supposed to gear us up with a desire to devote our lives to living this way also.

Not so, folks. You come into this life to live it as yourself, with all the gifts and talents that you, as an individual, were born to express on earth.

No, it doesn’t mean you have to be famous or rich. It means living a life that fills you with passion and love and which is entirely true to you as the truly beautiful being you were born as. If you love being a mum or dad, grab that joy and hug it to your heart. Where would we be without mums and dads? If you’re creative in some way, feed your creativity and polish your halo. If you love working with motor vehicles, tune into this joy, feed it into your work and you’ll have happy customers. If you love meeting people as a checkout assistant, have a wonderful day interacting with all the beautiful people passing through your checkout. If your pleasure is simply to smile at people from your heart, spread your joy and goodness. And so it goes on.

So at the end of St Valentine’s Day, take a good, hard look at yourself and realise how utterly gorgeous and how utterly unique you are, and what a gift you are to the world just by your very existence.

All my love to all of you.big grin May your hearts feel filled with love and may you feel totally at peace with the star you were born to be on this wonderful Earth.

2 thoughts on “>You – The Star

  1. >One thing my wife uses in her psychology practice with Christian clients is the passage that "You should love your neighbor as you love yourself." Diane points out to them that if you do not love yourself, how in the world would you have any idea how to love your neighbor? So yes, one should take joy in being the unique creation one is! Always a good idea! Roy Coker


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