>Some comments by Wayne Dyer


I thought I’d finished for the day but I remembered an article I read recently in which the author Wayne Dyer was interviewed. It was in Spirit and Destiny magazine which is published in the UK.

I guess I’m still banging on about peace, since this is St Valentine’s Day, but I thought Mr Dyer’s comments on the world situation were really thoughtful and interesting. Here are some extracts:

“It’s all one earth, we all breathe the same air, drink the same water, and come here from the same source.

“I don’t know why we in the West don’t just get together and find out why certain groups of people in the world hate us so much. What is that we’re doing in the US or England that others find so offensive? If we’re bombing and burning villages, why wouldn’t they hate us? How can we come to a meeting place? That’s what you do in a family – try to work out a way of dealing with each other.

“But I’m always optimistic. I feel that being pessimistic makes you part of the problem. I think those people who are participating in war and those who hate war are coming from the same place. You have to be able to send love, and think higher thoughts than hate, otherwise we’ll never resolve anything”.

I really like the idea of a global family and developing a movement where, somehow, we can sit down for a virtual living-room discussion with our friends around the world to identify what unites us, not what drives us apart. Now how this eventuates I have no idea. I guess I’m throwing it out into the Universe to perhaps set a seed growing.

Yes, I know there are loads of groups, organisations and individuals around the world who are working for peace. But I guess I like the idea of face-to-face conversations between individual families around the world so that we ordinary folk can live, laugh and love with all of our family around the world.big grin

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