>Let’s live instead of worrying about being perfect

> The “fat epidemic” hysteria is getting obscene. A friend of mine was recently told by her medico that she shouldn’t worry about a sudden weight loss of 8 kgs and a blocked feeling in her tummy so she could hardly eat anything because, wait for it: “Your friends would be delighted with a weight … More >Let’s live instead of worrying about being perfect

>You – The Star

> I’d like to wind up St Valentine’s Day with a few words about yourself, you, the star of today and the future. Pay homage to yourself! Whoa! What a concept, eh? But why not? The media likes to present images which we are supposed to aspire to, or writes about the lifestyle of the … More >You – The Star

>A chakra meditation

>I was daydreaming yesterday as is often my custom, and suddenly got a vision of a rather pleasant little visualisation to pamper your chakra energy centres. So I’ll share it with you as I very much enjoyed doing it for myself: You can either sit, stand or lie down, whichever suits you best. Hold you … More >A chakra meditation