>Dreams & hints for dream work


I have had a couple of clear dreams recently. The first was about some friends who came in and cleared out my home so it was completely empty. It told me that I’d left all the stuff I don’t need behind and I’d cleared away old baggage. In the next dream I was in a station and I missed the train because I had so much baggage I couldn’t get it altogether to get on the train before it left the station. This one told me that I was busy poring over other people’s ideas and stuff and was, therefore, missing the train of writing my own book from my own experience. Message taken on board (sorry for the puntongue).

I have listened to dreams ever since I changed direction in the mid 1990’s, they have supportive, informative and illuminative. So I thought I’d post today some guidelines for understanding dreams if you feel you’d like to tune into your inner wisdom while you’re asleep. When you aren’t awake, the barriers are down and your sub-conscious can get through messages to help you understand what’s going on in your life. I often think it’s all done in obscure messages and images because it makes you work and so you remember what you’ve had to labour over in order to understand what the dream import is.

I do remember someone a while back who disagred with the way I interpret dreams. That’s okay but I also found their approach dogmatic: “it’s my way or no way”. The idea of dream interpretation is to start working on dreams and sort out for yourself what they’re all about. My ideas are only guidelines. Dream dictionaries don’t work because symbols are unique in their meaning to you, and you alone. But if you want to understand dreams, you need to work at it. It’s a very rewarding experience.


* Dreams are generally messages from within, “postcards from your inner to your outer self”.

* Dreams are likely to relate to your daily life generally.

* Ninety percent of dreams are about yourself and what’s going on in your life.

* People in dreams are most likely aspects of yourself even though they may seem to be about people you know, i.e.,friends, relatives or workmates.

* Some figures in your dreams can be spiritual energies, such as angels or spirit guides or spiritual individuals who have a meaning for you.

* Some figures in dreams – ift hey are family members who have passed into Spirit – may have loving, personal messages from the world of Spirit.

* Some (a few) dreams can be predictive (look to see if you are detached from the dream); or about past lives (are you viewing a scene as if through a lens or telescope?); or have spiritual significance (are you in a foreign country with people speaking a language you don’t understand?).

Dreams can be multi-layered. Sometimes, if you return to your dreams later, you’ll see that they may have an additional meaning or relate to additional things happening in your life as well as your initial interpretation.

Listen to your intuition when considering dreams and the “aha” feeling when you’ve made a connection about the dream or some symbol within it.


* Pay attention during the day to the subject of dreaming.

* Read books about dreams.

* Start a dream diary.

* Use affirmations during the day.

* Practise meditation.

* Practise relaxation.

* Stay reasonably healthy.

* Drink lots of water.

* Go to sleep at regular times.

* Try to get in the habit of setting your internal alarm because if an external alarm wakes you, you’re more likely to forget any dreams you’ve had during the night.

* Drink half a glass of water before going to bed and the rest on waking to jog recall.

* Ask for guidance dreams from Spirit, your Higher Self, spirit guides or angels.

* Make an affirmation to dream and recall your dream before you go to sleep.

* Take time to lie flat, relaxand focus on dreaming.

* I use the following affirmation:

I am a child of the Light. I live in the Light. I love the Light. I serve the Light. I am supported, sustained and protected by the Light. And I bless theLight.

* Use aromatherapy oils forrelaxation or use a drop on your pillow – clary sage, lavender, etc., can help,but try a few to find what suits you.

* Work with crystals – moonstone,chrysoprase, Herkimer diamonds, or again, tune into the crystals in your care and listen to whichever calls to you to help stimulate your dreaming during thenight.


* Keep a notebook by your bed. If you wake up in the night, jot down notes on your dream or use a mini-recorder (depending on your sleeping arrangements and partner relationship!)

* On waking, keep your eyes shut, lie still and go through any dreams you can recall.

* Even if you can’t remember all the details, jot down the bits and pieces you recall, even if it’s only one image. I worked with a person who could only remember one image and it was amazing what we managed to sort out with a big of digging.

* If you have difficulty, go to the last scene and work backwards.

* Write your dreams down when you get up, don’t try and remember later in the day.

* Keep a dream diary and daily journal so you can relate dreams to the day’s events.

* Jot down your emotions when you woke up and recalled your dream.

* Give the dream a title if you can.

* Write the dream down in thepresent tense.

* Say the dream out loud as youwrite it down.

Having said all this, don’t get obsessed about remembering each and every dream. It’s been my experience that the ones that you remember most clearly or which leave you emotional when you wake up are the ones you need to work with.


* Give the dream a title, the first one that comes to you.

* Simplify and make the story break up into beginning, middle and end.

* Does the story line relate toanything going on in your life?

* Work out the symbols – remember, symbols need to have meaning for you, so be cautious in using dream dictionaries.

* Make up a dream map – put symbols in middle and then put meanings that come to you around them until one “clicks”

* Look for puns, ie, a symbol of a ram could relate to Aries and whatever you associate with this sign.

* Become the symbols and talk to them.

* Talk to the people in you rdreams – what do they mean to you?

* Men and women figures in yourdream usually relate to your male and female energies. What qualities do youassociate with those figures?

* Try word association.

* Trust your interpretation.

* Ask for help from a friend who knows you and what’s going on in your life, but again, trust what feels right for you.

* Do a waking dream. If you were interrupted in a dream, take time to relax, go back through the dream until you reach the point of interruption,and then continue in a waking dream to see how your inner vision resolves the dream.

>Let’s live instead of worrying about being perfect


The “fat epidemic” hysteria is getting obscene. A friend of mine was recently told by her medico that she shouldn’t worry about a sudden weight loss of 8 kgs and a blocked feeling in her tummy so she could hardly eat anything because, wait for it: “Your friends would be delighted with a weight loss like that.” Excuse me? It’s okay to ignore what is obviously a big change in someone’s body by focusing on the obesity hysteria bandwagon? Do me a favour. It’s medical negligence and unfortunately it’s much too common because of the whole fat debate.

Were you aware that the bible, the BMI Index, which was handed down to Moses as part of the Eleven Commandments, was actually reduced overnight and suddenly 50% of the population found they’d become obese? Must have been a hell of a shock. And where have the phrases “obese” and “morbidly obese” come from? I watched a guy on TV comment that he realised he was morbidly obese and I felt pity for him that he would put himself down publicity and accept this demeaning label. Anyone who call’s me obese or morbidly obese will find their feet being inserted in their mouth and shoved down their throat. Now that’s an image for you!

Then I read about a young girl in the UK who was 1% outside of the BMI index and then was categorised as obese. This was a highly active, energetic girl who carried out a lot of physical activity. But her parents were warned that she was at risk of diabetes, heart disease and all sorts of bogeymen which would jump out of an alley and mug her. Luckily they thought this was a load of old cobblers and went to the media to protest at such a ridiculous assessment.

Similarly a size 12 model is now categorised as “plus-size” when she looks normal and healthy. I saw a comment by someone that this size-12 woman was quite disgusting and fat people were obscene. Charmed, I’m sure. But a debate HAS broken out about whether putting “plus-size” models on the catwalk will encourage women – gasp, shock, horror – not to go on a diet. Why – they could get FAT! I’m actually of the view that if fashion designers can’t make clothes for ordinary women – that is, most of us who are between size 12 and 16 – well, they aren’t terribly clever and we should stop worshiping their unworthy (and very often ridiculous) offerings. I often look at pics of designer parades, wonder when someone is going to have the guts to say they’re ugly and ghastly, and start making references to the emperor’s clothes (or lack therefore).

Why the horror of fat? Different shaped people have existed since the start of time and if you’re in a shopping centre, take a look around at the different shapes, heights and colours and worship the variety that exists among human beings. I’m fat but I’m highly intelligent, luscious looking and I certainly won’t succumb to being locked up in the dietary/slimming straitjacket being peddled by the diet and pharmaceutical industries and peddled by the medical establishment, to their eternal shame.

Of course I’m not saying being fat is okay if you’re unhealthy and unhappy with your weight. I know I need to lose weight because I’m uncomfortable at my present weight and I’m certainly not healthy. But my husband, once I mentioned I wanted to lose weight, pointed out that I piled on weight after my mother died (thin) and my father (thin). So I need to work with my body towards being healthy at the weight my body is comfortable with and lose the link with thinness and carking it. My body and I are still negotiating this one but I know if I start talking of “losing weight” my body goes into fightback mode and I put on weight. So I’m sorting out what my body feels really great accepting as a healthy weight goal.

As for exercise, which I think is great if you find an activity you love and which inspires you, today I came across a blog about the trauma of kids who perhaps are fat or not good at sports and who get physically humiliated at school. From an early age I was hopeless at sports, utterly hopeless. I couldn’t do leapfrog to save my life. The high jump was a nightmare. Running races was purgatory. And I can still remember my gym teacher running behind me during hockey and screaming: “Run faster, Maureen, run faster”, which was utterly impossible as I was running as fast as I could.

I remember that Miss Nicholls, our gym teacher (you see, I never forgot her name after the horrors of gym and sport) one day started talking of yoga and my interest perked up – individual, non-competitive and a possibility for me and my body. And then Ms Class Athletics Supergirl who was brilliant at every damned sport casually got up and did a HANDSTAND, without even trying. I could have killed her and it put the kybosh on my interest in yoga.

But what I never realised is how active I was out of school. I walked for hours in the evening. My friend and I walked for miles and miles at the weekend. We cycled all over our local area and we’d be out all day. But of course, I never realised this was healthy because walking and cycling wasn’t EXERCISE, or tennis, or hockey or softball!!!! Now I know that walking and dance are forms of movement which enchant me and which are actually, you know, whisper, exercise.

And having read this lady’s blog, I have also realised the huge block I have about being fit and healthy which has dogged me since then. No, I’m not worried about being fat. My weight has gone up and down all my life but it’s been mostly up interspersed with a very few periods of being slim and that’s when I’ve had work where I’ve been on my feet all day. And I know that what the media, medical establishment, pharmaceutical & diet industires call “obese” is a heap of old cobblers. They treat the BMI index as if it’s gold when it’s a convenient straitjacket to boost unnecessary surgery like stomach stapling or the diet industry which has a 95% failure rate.

I’m really delighted to see that pressure from women and a refusal to toe the “obesity, booga, booga, booga” line is leading to some changes in approaches to weight – that the Health At Any Weight movement is gathering speed and forcing change in how society treats people of size, whatever that is.

And what’s the aim of this rant and rave? Am I saying eat crap fast food whenever you want? No, foods which nourish you are terrific, but the key term is “nourish”. What nourishes you might not nourish someone else. And if having an ice cream in the evening feels good, go ahead and give the boot to “the guilts”. Instead of categorising food as “good” or “bad”, it might be an idea to tune in and see what your body actually enjoys. Scavenge among food and see what delights your senses and which pleasures your body.

And in doing so, I want to say to you that we are valuable, loveable, beautiful human beings regardless of our weight and external appearance. It’s what’s in our hearts that counts not what people see on the outside. Instead of worrying about weight, we need to live our lives to the hilt instead of agonising about what food will add a few years to our lives. Life is to be lived and enjoyed, folks, not spent in a morass of worry which, sure as eggs, WILL shorten your life!

>More on Wayne Dyer and Healing


I’m returning to Wayne Dyer again because I was interested in what he had to say about co-existing with chronic lymphocytic leukaemia. In his words:

“I see a doctor regularly to monitor my blood results, and as wella s getitng mainstream medical help I’m supplementing this by working with a holistic oncologist at The Chopra Center, run by Dr Deepak Chopra, an old friend of mine. I’ve also improved my diet to include more fresh vegetables. I’m not worried about healing it – I’m working to live with it. I think when you fight anything, you weaken yourself. I’m inviting it to stay in peace and harmony with me, or leave. It’s up to it. It’s just another life force.”

I find, as do so many, that when you need answers to questions or help with any matter bothering you, the answer will appear. For some time now I’ve felt unease at the approach to illness which includes the words “fighting”, “battle”, “kill it off”, and so on. It all sounds terrible bellicose to me or perhaps it’s because I’m a peacable sort of person.

I’ve often wondered perhaps what happens if you designate yourself as a cancer survivor and then cancer flares up again. Are you a failure? I don’t think so. I think we need to sit and commune with illnesses and the medication we take (if any) for dis-ease in our body.

As I mentioned in an earlier blog, I’m taking some heavy-duty medicine at present to address heliobacter pylori, which is a bacteria which inflames your stomach. It can lead to blood loss and possibly ulcers. I try not to take medication but I’m also realistic that this is what I need at present as it may clear up my hives, allergy problems and chronic fatigue. The medication can cause nausea and diarrhoea so I pondered on how to address this problem. Mr Dyer’s comments really resonated for me and sparked off a rather nice visualisation in dealing with this bacteria and the medication.

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve already asked the Archangel Gabriel to help the medication achieve its highest healing benefit for me. But I’ve added to that. I didn’t like the idea of bashing these bugs on the head, or smashing them to bits or killing them off. cool Instead, I got a clear vision my medication surrounded in bright blue and radiating out the healing blue when they reach my stomach. I also got another clear vision of the antibiotics and other medications as rather friendly little gnomes in my belly, fishing out the bacteria from where they’d burrowed into my stomach lining, reassuring them that they’d done their work and it was okay to let go and get flushed out of my system, like sitting on a mat and sliding down a helter-skelter, with Mother Earth waiting to welcome them. It was an extraordinarily clear vision which popped up so quickly, I know this is the best way for me to deal with this healing process. Hopefully, it might help you do something similar if you’re faced with taking medication yourself.

>Some comments by Wayne Dyer


I thought I’d finished for the day but I remembered an article I read recently in which the author Wayne Dyer was interviewed. It was in Spirit and Destiny magazine which is published in the UK.

I guess I’m still banging on about peace, since this is St Valentine’s Day, but I thought Mr Dyer’s comments on the world situation were really thoughtful and interesting. Here are some extracts:

“It’s all one earth, we all breathe the same air, drink the same water, and come here from the same source.

“I don’t know why we in the West don’t just get together and find out why certain groups of people in the world hate us so much. What is that we’re doing in the US or England that others find so offensive? If we’re bombing and burning villages, why wouldn’t they hate us? How can we come to a meeting place? That’s what you do in a family – try to work out a way of dealing with each other.

“But I’m always optimistic. I feel that being pessimistic makes you part of the problem. I think those people who are participating in war and those who hate war are coming from the same place. You have to be able to send love, and think higher thoughts than hate, otherwise we’ll never resolve anything”.

I really like the idea of a global family and developing a movement where, somehow, we can sit down for a virtual living-room discussion with our friends around the world to identify what unites us, not what drives us apart. Now how this eventuates I have no idea. I guess I’m throwing it out into the Universe to perhaps set a seed growing.

Yes, I know there are loads of groups, organisations and individuals around the world who are working for peace. But I guess I like the idea of face-to-face conversations between individual families around the world so that we ordinary folk can live, laugh and love with all of our family around the world.big grin

>You – The Star


I’d like to wind up St Valentine’s Day with a few words about yourself, you, the star of today and the future.

Pay homage to yourself!

Whoa! What a concept, eh?

But why not? The media likes to present images which we are supposed to aspire to, or writes about the lifestyle of the rich and famous which is supposed to gear us up with a desire to devote our lives to living this way also.

Not so, folks. You come into this life to live it as yourself, with all the gifts and talents that you, as an individual, were born to express on earth.

No, it doesn’t mean you have to be famous or rich. It means living a life that fills you with passion and love and which is entirely true to you as the truly beautiful being you were born as. If you love being a mum or dad, grab that joy and hug it to your heart. Where would we be without mums and dads? If you’re creative in some way, feed your creativity and polish your halo. If you love working with motor vehicles, tune into this joy, feed it into your work and you’ll have happy customers. If you love meeting people as a checkout assistant, have a wonderful day interacting with all the beautiful people passing through your checkout. If your pleasure is simply to smile at people from your heart, spread your joy and goodness. And so it goes on.

So at the end of St Valentine’s Day, take a good, hard look at yourself and realise how utterly gorgeous and how utterly unique you are, and what a gift you are to the world just by your very existence.

All my love to all of you.big grin May your hearts feel filled with love and may you feel totally at peace with the star you were born to be on this wonderful Earth.

>A chakra meditation

>I was daydreaming yesterday as is often my custom, and suddenly got a vision of a rather pleasant little visualisation to pamper your chakra energy centres. So I’ll share it with you as I very much enjoyed doing it for myself:

You can either sit, stand or lie down, whichever suits you best. Hold you hands at chest height and just push your hands back and forth towards each other until you can feel you’re holding an energy balloon. If you find it a bit difficult, still keep your hands at chest level but imagine you can feel the balloon filling with energy.

Next stretch your hands upwards still holding your energy balloon and feel that it is being filled by the universe with the colour red, the energy of the base chakra at the bottom of your spine. Feel it being filled with red and when you feel this is complete, bring the balloon down to the base of your tummy and start pushing the balloon to deflate it so the colour red pours into your base chakra and energises it with action, grounding and get-up-and-go.

Once you feel this is complete, repeat the procedure of raising your – now empty – energy balloon to the heavens again. This time feel that the colour orange pours into it, the colour of the sacral chakra a couple of inches below your belly button. When you feel it is full of orange, bring the balloon down to your sacral chakra and push to deflate your balloon so that the orange pours into your sacral chakra and feeds your joy, passion and creative joy.

Again, raise your now empty ballloon to the skies and this time feel it filling with a lovely golden colour. When your balloon is full, bring it down to your solar plexus chakra, where the base of your ribs meet in the centre of your chest, and squeeze that gold colour into your solar plexus chakra. As you do so, feel that golden colour filling you with self-esteem, self-confidence and protection from negative, outside influences.

Now as your raise your balloon upwards, see, feel or imagine that your balloon is filling with a beautiful green light which, as you bring your balloon down to your heart chakra in the centre of your chest, floods your heart centre with the green of healing, compassion, love and kindness – and don’t reserve these qualities for others, feel them infusing yourself too.

Now you’re getting to your throat chakra so as you raise your balloon skywards, it’s going to fill with a vibrant blue. Bring your balloon, once it’s full of this lovely blue, to your throat chakra and know that as this colour pours in this energy centre, you will be able to speak your truth and stand firm in knowing who you are and what matters to your heart and soul.

Again, raise your balloon to the sky and this time the colour pouring into the balloon is indigo, the colour of the night sky at dusk just before darkness falls completely. As you bring the balloon to your brow chakra, between your eyebrows, feel the indigo pouring into your Third Eye centre as you deflate the ballon and know that you are opening up to your psychic abilities, your light connections to all on earth and affirm your readiness to use these light threads in service to humanity and all on Mother Earth.

Now raise your balloon to the sky again and this time it will be filled by a vibrant violet colour. Draw the balloon down to the top of your head and push gently so that the balloon deflates and fills your crown chakra. Feel this centre connected to Divinity and All That Is and reaffirm to yourself the Oneness of all the Universe and your connection to it.

Last – but of course by no means least – raise your balloon to the heavens one last time and see it filling with a brilliant white light. Squeeze the balloon and let this light, full of all the colours of the rainbow, pour down and flow over you like an irridescent cloak, providing a mesh of protective, yet vital energy which fills your energy field with the power of love.

When you feel this ritual is complete, just call for your chakra energy centres to return to balance. You don’t want them wide open so you’re open to everything, but you don’t want them totally closed as they inter-act with galactic energies all the time to download whatever you need in your life to function at your highest. I know some people talk about closing the chakras, but I’ve never felt there was any sense in that. The chakras operate to bring you into balance, not to be shut down and close you off from the vital energies which feed your connection with universal energies and the powerhouse of love which drives the Universe.

>Peace not War, Love not Hate


I’m still focusing on the theme of St Valentine’s Day and opening our hearts to all sentient beings on Mother Earth, including the planet which supports and nurtures us.

At the beginning of last week I saw a speech by Sarah Palin, ex-Governor of Alaska, in which she advocated that President Obama could win re-election by going to war with Iran.

This came just before the 20th anniversary of the release of Nelson Mandela from the Robin Island Prison in South Africa.

I couldn’t help but contrast the two approaches – one that to win votes and get elected to high office, you need to wage war. Margaret Thatcher resorted to war with Argentina when her popularity was dropping. I wonder whether those burned to death terribly on the Galahad when the ship was bombed by the Argentinians or those who drowned when the Argentine ship, Belgrano, was sunk by the British would support war for a Prime Minister’s re-election?

I remember watching the start of the second Iraq War, and all the comments of “shock and awe”, and I turned off the television in disgust. Watching the bombs rain down on Iraq, I couldn’t help but think that we were no better than the Romans who used to watch battles between lions and gladiators in the great amphitheatres. Only in our world today, our front rooms form a global amphitheatre as we watch the spectacle of war on our television sets. And, because it’s so detached, we forget the children, women, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, daughters, sons, the handicapped, the poor, the lonely and other people who cower beneath this onslaught in fear and terror. Would we advocate war in our own backyards where “shock and awe” would actually affect us? The reality of modern warfare today is that it is civilians who suffer the most and are the innocent victims of war waged by high-tech weaponry. I don’t think I’ve heard of many soldiers who fought in wars who still advocate war. Most say there must be better solutions and peace is a far better course, that never again should we engage in armed conflict.

I remember watching TV footage on the news in the UK of US marines searching a house and a child cowering against the wall. You could actually hear her teeth chattering with fear. Then I watched US soldiers carrying out a young soldier, badly wounded, also with fear etched across his face and I felt such pity and sorrow for this young lad and for his family far away in the US. In war there are no winners, only losers, because we lose our humanity.

Think of the billions which countries like the US, Australia, Europe, China, Middle East and others around the world pour into weaponry and war. Think of what a wonderful world we could have if all those billions of dollars went on jobs, schools, education, health, the provision of cheap essential services and supply of affordable food. What a different world we’d live in!

And so I contrasted Ms Palin’s comments with the actions of Nelson Mandela in prison and when he was released. In prison he treated all the warders with respect and compassion, regardless of how brutal they were. One of his guards remains a good friend today and helped Mandela while he was in prison. When he was released, Mandela advocated forgiveness and bringing the great family of South Africa together as the Rainbow Nation. For sure, it’s not a straight course and progress is slow. But how much more powerful is it to call for love, compassion and tolerance for all in our heart, rather than bring ourselves down with bitterness, hate and brutality.

In this day and age we are being called to dismantle the barriers which have been erected to divide people of different nations. We are all the same under the skin and regardless of our different cultures, skin colour, sexuality or ability. The impetus in this day and age and leading into the future is for the Rainbow World to be created and for us to step forward and embrace love as we forge a future of unity rather than division.

Nelson Mandela is regarded with huge respect, love and admiration around the world. He has shown the power of forgiveness, love for your enemies, and compassion and tolerance. He is a demonstration of the power of love and, on this St Valentine’s Day, I would like to pay homage to love, the most powerful energy in the Universe. Hate drags us down. Love lifts us up.