>Less than perfect and going with the flow

>This is a page from my Creative Diary which I drew last night. I’ve now bought a set of texta pens and I leave this beside my sofa along with my Diary so that when I feel I want to create an image, it’s all to hand. I have to be honest that I find this process amazing as I’ll look at an empty page, wonder what the heck I’m going to draw, then suddenly find the images emerging into my Diary.

This Diary, by the way, is a Gratitude Diary. I went totally beserk at the beginning of the year and bought three diaries, would you believe. One was the Gratitude Diary, another one for Abundance, and a third one which is a Jukurrpa Diary filled with Aboriginal artwork which I find absolutely inspirational. I am keeping the Jukurrpa Diary as it is as I just love flicking through the images. The Abundance Diary is to encourage me to manage my finances in a productive and constructive way. And it is the Gratitude Diary which emerged as the Creative Diary as its pages are much more suited to artwork.

As I said in my previous blog, I’ve been pondering my tendency for perfectionism which means I put a lot of pressure on myself, part of the high blood pressure syndrome too. I’ve decided to loosen up and just enjoy my creativity and writing as and when I can. I have fibromyalgia which can flare up out of the blue and it is very frustrating when I’ve had lots of ideas in mind for the next day to wake up to pain all over and a foghead. I’m reminding myself to do what I can, when I can and that’s good enough.

And the page above is what emerged when I opened my Creative Diary last night and thought about being light on myself. I’m very grateful to Andrea Schroeder for her work on creative journalling, it’s opening up a lot for me and is definitely leading me in joyous, creative, non-pressurised directions!

I also want to give thanks to Jamie Ridler and her Creative Every Day project, with the theme this month of “Body”. It’s reminding me of my need to get healthy, but also to MOVE as I often (no, be honest) always get carried away with computer work and forget to move my body. When I do get around to stretching and moving, my body yells in delight. So a bow in Jamie’s direction too.

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