>Of dreams, good friends and reassurance


My good friend in the US has allowed me to post a note she sent me after Rosie passed into the world of spirit. I’m very grateful she’s given me permission to re-print her comment here as it was a lovely, reassuring story as we were mourning the loss of our lovely little doggie companion:

This is her story:

After my father passed, he appeared to me in several dreams. I was at a stage where I was beginning to wonder if him appearing to me in a dream was just a result of grief/acoincidence or a real connection and so of course my questions were answered when there was another dream.

I dreamed my father was building a little house and we spoke at length about it. I asked him why there were no steps at the front door and he explained that the house was a gift for my mother and he wasn’t ready for the steps yet. I knew just what he meant – that she wasn’t going to die and join him anytime soon. I told him I had to go and jokingly asked him to look after my dog – the one that had died, of course. My father asked me NOT to tell my mother about the dream so I didn’t.

Several weeks later, my mother started to tell me about a dream she had. She dreamed my father was building a house but there weren’t any steps and she told him how ridiculous that was. She said she woke up and she saw him standing there next to her bed. He turned and walked away and she said he was so clear that she called to him and got out of bed to see where he was going. She said he walked down the halland disappeared. “The really strange thing,” she told me, “is that he had a little dog with him and we never even had a little dog.”

I actually lost a dog who was only four years old, she was run over by a bus. But a subsequent dream I had in which she appeared to console me led me to make some huge changes in my life. So never doubt that, despite the grief when we lose a dearly-beloved pet companion, that your friend continues to live in the world of spirit.

>De-clutter – You win some, you lose some


My last great, very successful de-clutter in a very big way was when we sold our home in Traralgon. We also de-cluttered some more when we moved into our new home as it’s much smaller than our former home and lots of gear we brought with us didn’t fit in.

We actually found a terrific opportunity/charity/thrift shop with great furniture which allowed us to furnish this house within our budget and with really good furniture. The shop funds an orphanage in The Philippines, so we handed over to the guy who brought our furniture here everything we decided didn’t fit our present home. Win-win situation for us and the op. shop!

I have also decided that I’m releasing most of the crystals and rocks I’ve gathered over the years and in my travels to the UK. I packed them in Traralgon, then unpacked them here and it was exhausting because there are so many and they’re HEAVY! So over the next few weeks I’ll be listing those I can bring myself to release to new homes. I should also say that this de-clutter process is sort of successful because I have to admit that there are a whole bunch of rocks I’ve tucked away which I can’t bear to part with.

BUT, while I was stooging around in a new agey shop in Macksville, on the Pacific Highway about 10 mins from here, I found myself lurking around a cabinet of very pretty jewellery which didn’t really attract me. But I kept lurking and then – Eureka! hidden away in one corner was the most beautiful cross quartz wand, complete with lovely little crystals and tiny double-terminated wands all over its surface. It’s also double-terminated with a largeish point and one end and a tiny point at the top end. Well, sigh, this one snuck past the de-clutter and it’s now home with me. And guess what? It’s been sitting in that cabinet in the Macksville shop for FIVE years. Meant to be, my friends, meant to be for me to offer this lovely wand a new home. (And that’s my story, and I’m sticking to it, lol.)

And as for the de-clutter of my clothes – what can I say? It was a complete failure. I sorted through all my clothes and decided I liked all of them and didn’t want to get rid of any. Never mind. I did actually get around to organising my clothing gear and realised that my style is: long, flowing, loose dresses and sarongs in the summer months; long, flowing, loose, WARMER dresses in the cooler times; black, plum or purple trousers in winter; t-shirts, unusual tops & heaps of rather nifty jackets also for wear in the cooler climes. I’ve accumulated some very individual, unusual and beautiful gear over the years and I’m simply not going to get rid of any of it, it’s a great collection. So absolutely no guilt on my part, folks. I reckon the home de-clutter more than makes up for hanging on to all of my clothes, lolol.

>More pleasures – birdlife in Bowraville


I was re-visiting the whole question of what gives us pleasure and realised how delightful it is to watch all the rainbow lorikeets land in the trumpet tree in our neighbour’s garden around dusk. They start arriving one by one, then in hordes and they keep you amused for ages. They hang off seed pods and do all sorts of somersaults and cartwheels. Then they engage in a bout of biffo with each other, with one hanging on for grim death while the other tries to knock it off the cherished seed pod. And the chattering! It is absolutely deafening, but I’m not complaining, I am so grateful to be back in nature. Here are some pics I took of rainbow lorikeets on the tree in our backyard:

I’m really quite thrilled with how well these pics have turned out as these small parrots more very fast and it’s hard to get a clear pic of them.

I was also standing on our back verandah the other day when a kookaburra flew past me and landed on the clothesline in the backyard. These birds are part of the kingfisher family and are quite large. Perhaps because they have few predators due to their size they are quite happy for human beings to get close up to them. The very small birds like blue wrens tend to be much more skittish.

This bird is definitely one of my totems. It’s the first one that greeted me on my first workday in Australia and it re-appears really often for me. I love this bird (although the mad cackling as the kookas circle round at 5am to identify their patch can be a bit wearing at times!).

>Credits and thank you’s


I just want to wind up this section with very grateful thanks to Andrea Schroeder and her great encouragement of creativity in all people. If you want to catch up with her work, you can see it on:


Thank you, Andrea, you’re a great inspiration.big grin

I’d also like to thank Ivor for his sharing of his own process in creative envisioning because this inspired me to start my own creative envisioning process. You can see Ivor’s project on Andrea’s website and you can also see photos of his project and his other photographs at:


Isn’t the worldwide web an absolutely beautiful, awesome space in opening connections between us all which never have existed just a few decades ago!

>Creative Visioning – Travel


My “Travel” bubble is by no means last or least. In fact, this dream popped up unexpectedly when I was poring over the whole concept of what my dreams would be. So here’s the bubble itself:

As you can see, one of goals of travelling is actually in the spiritual sphere, through meditation. What sort of meditation I take up remains to be seen, but I rather fancy Metta meditation. I’ve just downloaded an MP3 of Sharon Salzburg and it’s something that really appeals to me. Most meditation bores me witless.

I WAS rather impressed by having “Get organised” pop up, which is quite amazing for me. I haven’t worked out how that organisation will be, so watch this space, as they say.

As for where I want to travel, well, I’d love to catch up with friends in Queensland, Victoria, Western Australia and New South Wales. One thing about moving around a lot is that you meet some wonderful people and make very special friends.

I’d also like to visit Uluru and the Red Centre, to experience the spirituality of this area and pay respects to the great rock of Uluru. Byran’s happy with this as I definitely can’t tuck Uluru under my arm and trot off with it, lol.

And moving on to Europe, I would just love to see Turkey and Morocco and perhaps Egypt. In the UK, I’d like to catch up with old friends but also visit standing stones and henges, to travel around the UK in a way I’ve never done before and see all its beautiful places and spiritual centres.

Well, folks, that’s the travel itinerary, it’ll be interesting to see how it pans out!

>Creative Visioning – Lighten Up


I’ve included in the “Lightening Up” bubble the idea of lightening up by having a de-clutter of clothes, crystals and excess weight but also doing some off-the-cuff stuff as I’m a fairly serious person. I was brought up as a kid with nose to the grindstone, being pushed into academic achievement and always wondering if I’m good enough. Here’s the close-up of the “Lighten Up” bubble:

So at this time of my life, I’m going to have fun by take step-by-step action to break my routines and do something new each day; stop at the coffee shop overlooking the Nambucca Heads estuary as the Nambucca River pours into the Pacific Ocean ; go very often to Scottshead Beach which is an amazingly peaceful, unspoiled bay; and simply have fun!

>Creating Visioning – Get Healthy & Fit


Man, is this one a doozy for me! I’ve already mentioned in an earlier blog that, having so many air signs and no earth signs in astrology terms, means it’s hard for me to get practical and actually take action to get fit.

But no more! I had a wake-up call – I nearly died of heatstroke the day we moved into our new home and it really was touch and go, I think the ambulance officers were quite surprised I actually survived the journey to the hospital. But I’m a tough dame, and I’m still here. Nevertheless, I’m seriously overweight for a variety of reasons and it’s time to get down and dirty, if that’s the right phrase, with action to get healthy and fit.

The trick for me is to pace myself. I have fibromyalgia and I need to be careful of not overdoing things or else I lapse back into chronic fatigue and it takes ages to get back on my feet again. I’ve also had chronic Achilles tendonitis since Christmas so I’ve got to go carefully and not end up inflaming this condition even more and ending up immobilised (as I did when I tried to ignore it and do some walking, doesn’t work, trust me).

I’ve included all the activity I really enjoy – walking in nature which I just luuurve; working out with weights, ditto; and revelling in Goddess trance dance which I haven’t quite worked out yet but which I find quite inspirational. I’ve also thrown out all the complex recipes I’ve collected with the idea of being a gourmet cook. As I’ve also got arthritis in the spine, I need quite, simple dishes made with fresh food which I don’t have to spend ages preparing. I’ve actually been eating a darned sight more healthily since we arrived in this much warmer region of Australia and I’ve now lost 14lbs which I’m very pleased about.