>Art with Heart

> I have had enormous – and very healing – fun creating my latest artwork, Life is a  Garden.  I started off by sweeping lots of texture past across the canvas, then added lots of green and turquoise pastels.  Came to a halt. What next?  Then I remembered a poem which I came across recently … More >Art with Heart

>Crone Ritual after going through menopause

>Talking about rituals in an earlier blog reminded me of a beautiful ritual I went through with twelve other women to honour our transit through the menopause and our embarcation on the next phase of our lives as Wise Women. These are our crone years, with the original meaning of “crone” being “crown”, synchronising with … More >Crone Ritual after going through menopause

>Orange and Amber

>One colour I always find difficult to wear is orange. If it’s got enough blue in it, the colour suits me. But if there’s too much yellow, I look pasty with a close resemblance to Typhoid Mary and as if I’m about to pop my clogs and meet my Maker. So this week I was … More >Orange and Amber

>Pluto Direct

>I have been interested in astrology for ages but really only recently have I started investigating it in more detail. It’s a fascinating subject and, for me, it’s been enlivened by the daily posts I get from the Mystic Medusa website. It’s a brilliant website, but the daily posts on the Moon’s phases and other … More >Pluto Direct

>Full Moon Artwork

>I’ve been raving on about rituals to my friends, because formalised ritual is something increasingly fading from our society. I’ve mentioned the term “formalised ritual” as I think there are a whole heap of other rituals going on at present such as Facebook updates, using mobile phones,catching up with friends over coffee, and so on. … More >Full Moon Artwork