Crystals, Rocks & Stones

I first came across crystals in 1995 when, to my surprise, I discovered I had some sort of affinity with crystals.  A friend told me I could listen to them which left me a bit gobsmacked but which proved true in due course.. The first time my friend’s mother took me to the Crystalight warehouse in northern New South Wales, I was taken aback to “know” exactly what crystals I wanted to take home with me.  My friend, Yvonne, offered me space in her shop to put my crystals up for sale and I never looked back.  I moved on from that to selling crystals, rocks and stones to friends and then decided to open a market stall at Mt Tamborine, in the hinterland of Queensland’s Gold Coast.  I went gangbusters.

I’ve seen lots of books and orthodoxy about crystals and what they mean and how they operate. I realised that crystals communicated with me at some level which, again, surprised the heck out of me.  But I also noticed that you could have a bowl of tumbled Rose Quartz or Citrine or Amethyst or whatever, and people would rummage through until they found “the right stone”. So I began to understand that, while there might be a generic feel to particular types of stones, within that paradigm, each particular rock or stone has something individual to offer the person picking that stone.  I really felt a deeper connection when a young boy picked a particular stone and his mother asked me what it was for.  I’ve never been keen to identify stones as having a general meaning because, for me, each stone has an affinity with each individual and so the message, response or effect will be highly individualised.  So for this boy, I felt it had something to do with bullying at school.  When I asked him if he got bullied at school, his face lit up and he said: “Yes”. So I told him the stone would be there to support him, give him courage and assist him to stay balanced while he was at school and doing his schoolwork.

I can get a person to hold a stone for a minute or so and then do a reading from the stone in relation to the person’s energy and what message the stone has for the person. And I’m pretty accurate in doing these crystal readings.

There’s a huge range of rocks, crystals and stones available, and you’ll find the right one a the right time.  It could be in a shop, a market or on the internet. It can be on the earth around you or on the beach as you’re strolling along the seashore. (If you find rocks or stones in nature, please ask first if it’s okay to bring them home with you. You’ll get a clear sense of what the answer is.)

People ask me where they should put a stone or rock.  My response is that it varies with each individual.  I suggest you go home, hold the rock or crystal to your heart centre in the middle of your chest, and listen to where the rock or crystal wants to live. It may come to you as a message, a feeling or a picture. Quite often I’ll get an image in my head of a rock in my collection which wants to connect with someone visiting our home. It’s usually spot on and more often than not a rock or crystal I really love, but these treasures of the earth have their own inner wisdom and you need to abide by feedback you get when they’re ready to move on.

If you want to find what a stone or rock has to offer you, hold this Elder spirit to your heart, close your eyes, listen and trust that what comes up for you is the right response.

As for cleansing, there are all sorts of ideas suggested but my view is that we need to trust that rocks, stones and crystals are perfectly able to handle all of our energies, and that our need to feel crystals need cleansing reflects more our own deep need to let go of whatever no longer harmonises with our life. Hold a stone to your heart, blow gently on it if you so feel drawn, send love and all will be well.

5 thoughts on “Crystals, Rocks & Stones

  1. I have a bag of stones my mother brought back from her trip to Chile. They are all in a little pouch and I haven’t the slightest clue what to do with them. I hung the little pouch in my room, but now reading your post, I have become much more curious about what to do with them.


    1. A very simple thing would be to close your eyes, dip you hand into the bag, pick out a stone, blow on the stone to align your energies. Then hold it to your heart for a while and then just sit with it, without opening your eyes, and see what you pick up. It’s quite interesting – I use this in my workshops and it’s fascinating what response people get, sometimes quite different to what books say a stone should mean.You could also get a medicine bag to hang around your neck and pop a stone in it that you’re drawn to work with each day. I have some very decorative medicine bags which look fine with everyday clothing. Although come to think of it I do wear somewhat whacko gear to my everyday clothing might not be everyone’s cup of tea. Another way is simply to see what stone attracts you each morning and tuck it into your bra or pop it into a small ziploc bag and pin inside your clothing or carry in your handbag.Play with ideas of how to play with stones and see what comes up for you. I always like to say that your way is the best way to work to work with the energy of stones.


  2. Very interesting post!

    My fascination with different rocks and crystals started when I was very young. I have found that I am drawn to the amethyst crystal but I am not quite sure why. I carry a small amethyst with me wherever I go and I can sense the good energy that radiates.

    If you are into auras and all that, I would like to suggest the movie – “The Indigo Evolution” if you have never seen it.
    Below is a link to the full movie on YouTube if you are interested, I’d love to hear your opinion on the film!


    1. Yes, I love amethyst too, Organic Sound. I don’t see auras as such, I feel them and it took me a long time to realise how much people’s energies affect me. Thanks for the link to the move, I haven’t watched it yet, been a bit off-key due to a few health challenges. Will get back to you when I do.


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