Dance with StarSong!

July 25, 2016


Dance with Starsong

I’ve been playing around with PicMonkey again, having read a couple of their blog posts on what’s available in their various gizmo offerings, where I found out how to illuminate fonts, as above. Great fun! I used the phrase “Dance with StarSong” because I always remember the mystic and explorer, Laurence van der Post, writing […]

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Cathedral of Light

July 20, 2016


Cathedral of the Trees

Sometimes you can fiddle for ages with a photo until it feels right. The above image, on the other hand, emerged with only a bit of playing around with the gizmos on PicMonkey.  To me it represents a Cathedral of Light, a gift to humanity from the tree elementals which were part of the original […]

Creativity & Abundance Crystal Mandala

July 19, 2016


Creativity Mandala

Today I felt drawn to create a new mandala to support my art and writing: This is more complex than my first mandala, the stones I worked with were all grounding and manifestation stones, I also worked with numerology, and I added in butterfly and heart charms for transformation and love imbued in my work. […]

Ancestral Healing Crystal Mandala

July 19, 2016


Table mandala

Last week I took part in a photo course which asked us to photograph various images over a seven-day period. We were asked to create a mandala, which I did working with crystals, and I’ve been inspired to continue creating crystal mandalas on the round table which was hanging around spare in our home.  This […]

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Fine Art America: art products for sale

July 18, 2016


All art on my Fine Art America website is now available as: prints; canvas prints; metal prints; posters; pillowcases; tote bags; iphone covers; round towels; beach towels; throw pillow; duvet cover; shower curtain; purses. .Fine Art America – Mo Davies

Shine On!

July 17, 2016


Grandfather tree spirit

I was scrolling down for a photo to work on when a picture – of a 1500-year-old tree – popped up of its own accord, so I figured I was meant to work on it. Here is the Grandfather Tree’s Elemental Spirit glowing bright, telling us all to “Shine On, You Crazy Diamond”! (And of […]

Blessing of the Magickal Tree Spirits

July 14, 2016


Magickal Tree Blessings

I have a photograph of a magic tree where you can clearly see the tree spirits within the trunk and branches.  As I created this piece of digital art, I felt strongly that the tree spirits were/are sending out blessings to humanity, radiating kindness and compassion when times are so challenging. And then I thought […]


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