Heart Healing

August 27, 2016


Colour Healing

I returned to a painting I created a couple of decades ago when I was working on healing my relationship with my father as he’d slipped into an alcoholic decline.  I loved the original acrylic art but, when I showed it to another artist, her comment “Oh, yes, we all do this as beginners” left […]

I Love Street Art

August 27, 2016


I love Street Art

Someone from Twitter with the moniker StreetArt reminded liked one of my posts and reminded me how much I like street art. I think it enhances our urban environment and adds richness to our daily lives, plus the creativity of street artists never ceases to amaze me. The spider represents the web of creativity spun […]

Crystal Mandala: Friendship

August 21, 2016


Friendship Mandala

We got woken up in the early hours of this morning by our neighbour asking us to call an ambulance as his wife was very ill.  Sadly, by the time the ambulance got here our friend and neighbour had passed away, likely from a heart attack.  We have lost someone we treasured and who’s passing […]

Lord of the Realms of the Waters

August 20, 2016


Lord of the Water Realms

This is an image inspired by a really beautiful waterfall.  PicMonkey has a new gizmo in its “Effects” section called “Mirror” which I’ve found fascinating when working with elemental energies. It’s as if you can pull apart the surface image to find below the elemental waiting to be revealed. In this image, you can see […]

As Above, So Below

August 18, 2016


Fire and Light

This is a digital reworking of a volcano to draw back the shutters of illusion and show that there is no separation between our world and the galaxy which holds us all in its energetic and spiritual embrace. As Above – the stars filling our night skies. As Below – the stars united with the […]

More Sweetness: Mandalas

August 17, 2016


Honeybee mandala

A friend suggested I add some green and yellow to my original photo of a black honeybee here in North Cyprus and, once again, I found myself working with crystals in a circle. The green stones are Peridot chips, which represent positive thinking, creativity, self-confidence, your inner sun radiating positivity. Around the Peridot chips are […]

Crystal Mandala: Honeybee Sweetness

August 16, 2016


Honeybee Sweetness

There’s been such a lot of unpleasant news lately that I felt drawn to create a crystal mandala to radiate the power of the honeybee: sweetness, hope, patience, nurturing, new life, creativity, power of family and friendship.  It’s also to remind us that there are heaps more good, kind, friendly, helpful people in our communities […]

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