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Ode to Gaiety

July 6, 2015


Every day I get a lovely image and accompanying poetry from Joe Riley who runs Panhala, a poetry group on Yahoo Groups. I love the one that turned up today so created it as a poster with a bit of twiddling on various on-line digital photo websites.  One I particularly recommend is piZap which has […]

The Shoulders of our Ancestors

July 4, 2015


I’ve been absent for a while as my computer needed repairs and the shop I used took forever – I’ll be using another computer repair shop next time.  Plus I went into a huge dose of the Glums, partly from the fall I had a while back which really shook me up, and the death […]

You’ll Never Walk Alone

June 22, 2015


I created this image from a photo of steps leading up from the crypt where the body of St Barnabas was found in 477 AD. The crypt is now a small mausoleum close to the St Barnabas Monastery and Icon Museum, not far from the ancient site of Salamis in North Cyprus. The history of […]

Summer Solstice Greetings

June 21, 2015


May the Summer Solstice bring you: Bright blessings The Warmth of the sun to lighten your life The Blessed Breeze to lift your cares from your shoulders and heart The love of hearts opening to sprinkle your life with glitter, sparkles and rainbows The vision to open new horizons, fresh adventures and Joyous dancing on […]

Light at the End of the Tunnel

June 13, 2015


I created this image from a photo of a cave with water in the Gardens of Stone, a beautiful nature wonderland in the hinterland of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, which is a National Park. This wonderful area is under threat from coal mining (yet again in Australia!) so if you feel so included, please […]

Mercury Retrograde

June 13, 2015


I wasn’t sure what to call this until I realised that all the chaos in communication we experienced in trying to look after our little dog, Ziggy, when he was ill was influenced by Mercury Retrograde, a feature of astrology, which wound up yesterday, Friday 12th. Mercury Retrograde happens when it looks, from the perspective […]

“He Lives His Life”

June 13, 2015


When we lived in Australia we watched a programme by Kevin McLeod, a guy who usually fronts a series about the challenges facing home builders. On this occasion, Mr Mcleod spent time in India among the very poorest of the poor in Mumbai’s Dharavi slum.  The 2-part series indeed showed poverty, hardship and really horrible […]


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