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One Love

May 3, 2015


This started off with a base image of a blue iris which morphed into the final image above with an overlay of pink geranium flowers. As I’d had the theme of music with the tribute to Ben E King in my previous post, I thought I’d continue with “One Love” by that great artist, Bob […]

Stand by Me

May 3, 2015


A tribute to Ben E. King and his iconic song “Stand By Me”.  

Rising Up

May 1, 2015


The above image is very deliberate and symbolic, as opposed to my usual digital art creation where I poke around until I get an “aha” moment. The blue signifies communication of community voice through social media around the world.  The hand signifies the rising up of communities around the world and saying “Enough – no […]

Baltimore: The Unseen, the Unheard, The Ignored

April 30, 2015


On Baltimore: What matters?  People or possessions? Mass media reports about events in Baltimore have taken the interests of the Establishment as a priority and focused on destruction of property but don’t mention the destruction of people’s lives through poverty, racism, oppression, expenditure on the military and warfare, billion-dollar handouts to the billionaire class, purchase […]

In Praise of Heroes

April 27, 2015


This piece of digital art and this post are to honour unsung heroes around the world. They were prompted by reading this week of a couple who have kitted out their ship to help rescue migrants at sea in the Mediterranean as they flee the chaos of war and conflict in Syria, Palestine, Iraq, Africa […]

Anthem for Planet Earth

April 26, 2015


I came across today a brilliant video of an ancient Tuvan Song “Boodey” (Sonnel) arranged in modern ambient style. It’s performed by Radik Tyulyush,  singer, composer, Master Of Traditional Tuvan Throat Singing, and a  Member of Huun Huur Tu. The music is brilliant but the images portrayed – of the beauty of the earth juxtaposed […]

Life on Earth

April 26, 2015


The foundations for this image were firstly, a photo of tree roots and glass and secondly, a photo of a waterfall. With a little judicious editing with Pixlr, this is the final result. It reminded me of a collage of earth elements, hence Life on Earth.


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