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Windmills of Your Mind

February 19, 2015


I mainly use the download version of Pixlr for most of my digital art but today I was looking at what PIxlr has to offer on-line. I thought I’d play with an earlier image I’d created of blue light which I use as a base for digital art, poked the “kaleidoscope” button and a couple […]

Dark Night of the Soul

February 19, 2015


I based this on a photo I’ve got of the base of a tree truck, have no idea where I got it from. But then I fiddled with PIxlr’s gizmos and ended up with this. It’s a bit wild but I got that “aha” moment when it seemed finished and needed no other adjustments or […]

Creative Capers 3: Playing with Pixlr – Mystery of Earth

February 18, 2015


I decided today to work with another photo today  from the blog, Republic of Ann – Despatches from the Rockies.    (Again, thank you, Ann!) This time I chose one of ice reflected in water, but you can’t really see it as I started playing around with a new gizmo added to Pixlr’s Overlay Collection: “Skyfell”.  […]


February 16, 2015


I called this digital art “Hope” because it shows a flower combined with a Desert Rose rock formation, with the underlying message that however hard times become, somewhere, sometime an allegorical flower will blossom in your life and you start to feel more positive and optimistic. The way I work when I’m creating digital art […]

Time After Time

February 12, 2015


Sometimes art pieces just fall into place, as this one has. I started off with a photo I took of grasses against the Mediterranean Sea at a historical site close to here I live in North Cyprus, Lambousa which in ancient times used to be an important, large sea port. Then I fiddled with some […]


February 9, 2015


For this piece of digital art I used a photo taken by, Ann, of a lady who lives in the Rockies.  She had a series of photos of frozen ice which I found awesome given we don’t get much ice or snow in my neck of the woods here in North Cyprus. Ann’s blog is: […]

Tripping the Light Fantastic

February 7, 2015


I enjoyed creating this while playing with all the gizmos on Pixlr.  At first I thought of calling this “Orbs” but then I preferred the alternative title: Tripping the Light Fantastic.


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