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Life & Memories (AEDMN#24)

November 24, 2015


A few weeks back the vacant paddock beside our apartment was cleared of all rubbish and quite a few mimosa bushes were pulled out. At the time the paddock was bone dry and yellow. Now, with a bit of rain (not a lot), the grass has grown and the mimosa shoots have re-appeared, an affirmation […]

Cosmic Mother (AEDMN23)

November 23, 2015


I played with an earlier, acrylic painting I created back in Australia of Baubo, goddess of laughter, raucous merriment and kicking up your heels. The original painting was bright orange and I really enjoyed playing silly with it. This is the re-worked version – Cosmic Mother, amazing the difference colours make! Below is the original […]

Lens on London (AEDMN22)

November 22, 2015


I fiddled with a photo I took of London in 2012 at the Royal Festival Hall on the south bank of the Thames. I had a reunion with about seven girlfriends from my university days – we hadn’t seen each other for nigh-on forty years but it felt like yesterday. A right old gabfest all […]

Waterlily Wonder

November 21, 2015


This digital art is based on a photo I took of Warrell Creek, on the mid-north coast of New South Wales Australia. “Creek” is a bit of a misnomer as it’s as big as a river, but it’s all relative. The area I lived in is called Northern Rivers, as there six huge, awesome rivers […]

Paradise Parks (AEDN20)

November 21, 2015


This digital art is composed of layers of photographs I took of two parks. The base layer is the entrance to the Nature Park at Bowraville where I used to live on the mid-north coast of New South Wales. Over that is another photograph further into the park. It was established by an Aboriginal elder […]

Nature’s Harvest (AEDMN#18)

November 18, 2015


Today’s post is of a small glass jar I have on my desk with dried grasses which I collected here in North Cyprus. Around the jar is a small chain with pearls which I had left over from jewellery making, and hanging from that chain are two spider pendants representing Spider, my totem. When I […]

In the Pink – Last Night’s Sunset in North Cyprus (AEDM16)

November 16, 2015


                                        I just happened to look out of my study window and see lovely shades of pink in last night’s sunset, then walked out onto the patio to see wonderful cloud formations to the west of […]


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