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Boab Dreaming

January 30, 2016


When I lived in Victoria, Australia, I happened to meet a lass who showed me two stones she’d found under a Boab tree in the Northern Territory and which she’d brought home with her. I imagine that these two stones probably had spiritual resonance for Aboriginal groups in the area where the stones were found […]

Art for Sale

January 25, 2016


I’ve been having great fun fiddling with original prints and adding my own decorations to make each one unique. I’ve decided that, yes, my art is whacko, eccentric and quirky so I might as well dance with my visions and enjoy myself. FREESIA FROLICS This is original artwork I’ve created, printed on lightweight photoblock, using […]

Honour and Respect Earth’s Guardian Elders

January 22, 2016


This image is to honour our mountains – the Earth Elder Guardians with their magnificence, spirit energies and role as high energy custodians of this wonderful Planet Earth of ours. The image is composed of photos of four Earth Elder Spirits superimposed, one over the other. The foundation image is of ancient rain forest at […]

Portals of Mt Shasta

January 21, 2016


Believe it or not, a photo of Mt Shasta provided the basis for this photo.  Sometimes I look at a photo, it draws me in and then it’s as if the energies or spirits of that place guide me into a final image. In this, Mt Shasta, a sacred mountain in the United States, seemed […]


January 20, 2016


Stardust – the essence of joy – was, is, always will be.

The Red Centre

January 18, 2016


This piece of digital art has as its basis a photo of Uluru, the huge, red monolith in the centre of Australia: it’s to honour the Red Centre, the heart of Australia, and our own hearts, courage and passion.

Spirit of Uluru

January 15, 2016


I remember when Ayers Rock – the huge monolith in the centre of Australia, was re-named with its Aboriginal name, Uluru, and all hell broke loose among conservative and reactionary commentators.  It was an affront to Western heritage, the sky would fall, the earth would stop rotating, and so on and so on. Many years […]


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