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Grace of Ages

September 25, 2015


I created this image from a photo I took of St Evlalios Church, a deserted church on the site of Lambousa, an ancient port on the north coast of North Cyprus. It’s about 5 minutes up the coast from where we live in Alsancak, close to the historic port of Kyrenia. The photo is superimposed […]


September 22, 2015


A couple of years ago I had a very vivid dream of standing of my kitchen and looking out at the garden, where a huge bison was grazing peacefully on the deep grass growing there. I can still see this image quite clearly and I’ve been meaning to create art around this dream. Today I […]

Circles of Magicians

September 19, 2015


I’ve just been reading a really interesting and inspiring series of interviews of the singer/poet/artist, Joni Mitchell, by the journalist, Malka Marom. Ms Mitchell talks of a circle of magicians in relating to the musicians she’s worked, and her words reminded me of the circles of magicians in my life – all the women I’ve […]

Dances of the Winds

September 15, 2015


I created this from an original photo I took of a wind farm in Lancashire at dusk in 1994, believe it or not. I’ve always been rather proud of that photo as it was the first one of scenery which looked pretty dramatic and good. The windmills on these farms always remind me of the […]

Exuberant Eclipses

September 7, 2015


This month we have eclipse season – a New Moon Solar Eclipse on 12/13th September, and a full Moon Lunar Eclipse on 27/28th September (my birthday – should be interesting this year!). So this piece of digital art honours the eclipses and the challenges, changes and transformations they can offer our lives. The moon image […]

Ode to Olives

September 5, 2015


I have been fiddling with photos I’ve taken of olive trees here in North Cyprus. I love these trees – they are sturdy with leaves of olive-green, and thick, etched trunks. They provide shelter with their leaves, wood for heating, and food with olives and olive oil. You can get small, green olives here with […]


September 1, 2015


I have a theory that, if we could float above the Universe and Planet Earth, we’d see a picture of a kaleidoscope which operates unknown to us but links us to each other and to bits and pieces of life and history in ways which resemble a kaleidoscope. I had been thinking of this for […]


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