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July 31, 2015


Something quiet and peaceful in these turbulent times – a water lily I photographed at a garden centre near were we live in Alsancak, North Cyprus.  I decided to keep it simple (for a change!).

For Cecil the Lion

July 30, 2015


I think it’s well-known now that the death of the majestic lion, Cecil, at the hands of a despicable, wannabe hunter from the US has sparked outrage around the world. I wanted to pay tribute not only to Cecil but to all those wild animals who are being killed by cowardly Western hunters paying top […]

Spiffy Sunset in North Cyprus

July 29, 2015


Yesterday evening we had some cloud on the western horizon as well as some dust blowing in from the Sahara and we got treated to a superb sunset. Hope you enjoy the pics as much as we did watching the sun go down.

A Rhapsody of Roses – free e-book

July 26, 2015


I have been working on an e-book of photos I’ve taken over the years in Australia and North Cyprus of roses – pink, red, yellow and multi-hued. I decided to do this as I was going through my “Flowers” file and realised I had heaps of pics of roses which would look good collected together. […]

All Change at the Hotel MoBro

July 23, 2015


I have been missing in action because we’ve been doing some switcheroos with our usual space arrangements in our apartment, called the “Hotel MoBro” by a friend when our stray dogs and cats started moving in. She reckoned there was a sign visible only to cats and dogs which said: “For a good feed and […]


July 19, 2015


Another one of the earlier pieces of digital art I fished out to post.  I love this, it reminds me of passion, power, the depths of creativity, sometimes the madness and obsession.  Obsessive – who, moi???


July 19, 2015


This was another one I was dithering over and then I thought  “Nah, just post it and get it out there instead of dithering and perfectionising again!”. This image reminds me that there is always hope and potential for releasing our inner sense of creation.


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