A Path With Heart

February 10, 2016


A Path With Heart

This turned out completely different to what I’d intended. The original digital art, based on a photo of elm trees in Wales, was much brighter. But then I used an overlay on PicMonkey which produced these colours – a lot softer, mixing the stars and Planet Earth, and a butterfly to signify the transformative powers […]

Healing, Caring, Loving Support for Syria’s Peoples

February 7, 2016



  There are two images below, taken from a photo of a pool in the Karijini National Park in north-west Western Australia. The pool is surrounded by rocks with a shaft of light pouring down into the central pool. It seemed to me that this was an image of light and spiritual energies pouring into […]

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Romantic Riotous Red!

February 6, 2016


Candle setting with red candles and 
Ancestral Medicine Shield

I’ve really been into the colour red lately – perhaps to re-energise myself after my bout of ‘flu in December-January. So while we were in south Nicosia, my friend and I went to Jumbo which is a huge toy/fancy goods warehouse-type shop. And I had great fun picking out red candles, a red boa (and […]

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Crystal Capers

February 6, 2016


Crone Stone - close-up

On Thursday I went to a crystal shop in south Nicosia with a friend, intent on getting a Carnelian stone but, as everyone knows, who comes out of a crystal shop with only one stone? Certainly not me. So I ended up with a Carnelian stone and a number of pendants – Tree of Life; […]

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Within, Without You (against EU plans to criminalise those in the community helping refugees and asylum seekers)

February 3, 2016


Within, Without You

Many locals and holiday makers on Greek islands such as Lesbos have waded into the sea or gone out in small boats to give a helping hand to refugees and asylum seekers in difficulties, which I think is absolutely wonderful. It shows a humanity which is sadly lacking in EU leaders and bureaucrats because, a […]

Boab Dreaming

January 30, 2016


Boab Sacred Stone

When I lived in Victoria, Australia, I happened to meet a lass who showed me two stones she’d found under a Boab tree in the Northern Territory and which she’d brought home with her. I imagine that these two stones probably had spiritual resonance for Aboriginal groups in the area where the stones were found […]

Art for Sale

January 25, 2016


Freesia Frolics

I’ve been having great fun fiddling with original prints and adding my own decorations to make each one unique. I’ve decided that, yes, my art is whacko, eccentric and quirky so I might as well dance with my visions and enjoy myself. FREESIA FROLICS This is original artwork I’ve created, printed on lightweight photoblock, using […]


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