Sacred Sanctuary Space

May 6, 2015


Sacred Space

My friend, Dawn, who sells crystals in North Cyprus, brought back a rare, new stone from her recent trip to Istanbul.  It’s called Zultanite, I’ve been wearing it over my thymus centre and found it has encouraged focus, creativity, calmness, spiritual centring and self-care. Zultanite is so rare it is only found in Anatolia, Turkey.The […]

Divinity of the Soul

May 4, 2015


Divinity of the Soul

I have the firm belief that all of us have a spark of Divinity within us, whether we want to call it the soul, the higher self, the inner voice or whatever has meaning for you.  So this is for whatever lights your life and helps you in your way amid the highs and lows, […]

One Love

May 3, 2015


One Love

This started off with a base image of a blue iris which morphed into the final image above with an overlay of pink geranium flowers. As I’d had the theme of music with the tribute to Ben E King in my previous post, I thought I’d continue with “One Love” by that great artist, Bob […]

Stand by Me

May 3, 2015


A tribute to Ben E. King and his iconic song “Stand By Me”.  

Rising Up

May 1, 2015


Rising Up

The above image is very deliberate and symbolic, as opposed to my usual digital art creation where I poke around until I get an “aha” moment. The blue signifies communication of community voice through social media around the world.  The hand signifies the rising up of communities around the world and saying “Enough – no […]

Molly – Anubis, the Jackal-Headed God

May 1, 2015



I took this photo of our dog, Molly, one day when she suddenly decided to sit on our large coffee table.  She looked so regal, independent and self-contained that she reminded me of the image of Anubis, the jackel-headed god in Egyptian mythology. Molly and her sister, Milly, were the last two dogs we adopted. […]

Baltimore: The Unseen, the Unheard, The Ignored

April 30, 2015


The Unseen, the Unheard, the Ignored

On Baltimore: What matters?  People or possessions? Mass media reports about events in Baltimore have taken the interests of the Establishment as a priority and focused on destruction of property but don’t mention the destruction of people’s lives through poverty, racism, oppression, expenditure on the military and warfare, billion-dollar handouts to the billionaire class, purchase […]


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