Classy Clouds

October 31, 2014


Sun on evening storm clouds over Kyrenia

Often when I’ve been in planes I’ve looked down on clouds below and thought how solid the look – as if you could get out of the plane and walk on the billowing pillows below. Well, of course you can’t, and as I’m still alive and typing this, you’ll know that I didn’t try that […]

Love of the People

October 30, 2014


Jesus was a bit of a lad, you know. Liked the poor, loved kids, kicked the crap out of moneylenders, told the truth, hobnobbed with prostitutes, fed to five thousand people fishes and loaves (ever thought that without the “a” loaves becomes “loves”?) and never asked if anyone was on food stamps, slept rough, had […]

Journey to Jupiter

October 28, 2014


I have just discovered this piece of digital art which, again, I’d created in the late evening and forgotten about the next day.  I looked at this and thought: “I’m definitely off with the fairies” but I’m having great fun flitting around the cosmos!

Ancient Voices

October 28, 2014


Rock Whispers

This is an image I created with one of the photos taken by Jessica Winder on her blog, Jessica’s Nature Blog (, where she posts various photos of coastal rock and other natural beach formations. When I’d completed the artwork, I felt it reminded me of the ancient memories carried in the rock treasures of […]

Robot and Empire

October 26, 2014


I’m on a sci-fi kick and this is a tribute to I, Robot and the original Empire trilogy by Isaac Asimov.  I loved I, Robot, but the complexity of the Empire trilogy really fascinated me.  I’ve read and re-read it, great stuff! This digital art, by the way, was created from a canvas and image […]

More Birds & Beasties

October 26, 2014


I got some shots recently of small birds perched on a tree in front of our patio. I think this tree has some sort of allure for birds because this is where the hooded crows like landing too.  We don’t know what sort of birds they are, not sparrows as they’re too small and don’t […]

Breezy Bougainvilleas

October 25, 2014


Breezy Bougainvilleas

I created a piece of digital art for another project which consisted of photos I’ve taken of magenta-coloured and pink and white bougainvilleas. Then I was inspired to pop onto Pixlr to do some more fiddling with the image and, to my delight, I found Pixlr had added two more gizmos for photo imaging.  So […]


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