September 29, 2014


Pelican at Port Maquarie

When we moved from Traralgon in Victoria in 2010, we drove up to Kempsey to stay at Ned’s Bed, a pet motel, while we looked for a house. On the way up the mid-north coast of New South Wales, trogging along the Pacific Highway, we stopped off for a break at Port Macquarie. It really […]

Sea-Eagles’ Nest

September 29, 2014


I was going through my photos and re-discovered the ones I took of a sea-eagle’s nest.  It was on the Pacific HIghway north of Macksville heading north towards Coffs Harbour, mid-north coast of New South Wales. The power company in NSW built the platform to encourage the sea-eagles to nest and also kindly fixed up […]


September 28, 2014


The image above is quite simple – I created a pale pink canvas in PicMonkey to represent unconditional love. Then I added many layers of bokeh from PicMonkey – lots of images of multi-coloured circles, then added an image I’ve used before of a spider on its web. This image relates to Spider Woman who, […]

Climate Change: Power to the People

September 28, 2014


If you relied on the mass, conventional media for information about action on climate change, you’d draw a blank. Which is why I thought I’d post a link to a recent e-mail I received from Avaaz summarising in photos the mass demonstrations around the world supporting measures to deal with climate change. Do take the […]

Crow Capers

September 23, 2014



I just happened to have my camera in the kitchen yesterday evening when some crows landed in the paddock adjoining our apartment.  The photos aren’t too brilliant as the light was poor, just coming into twilight, but I was pleased at just getting some photos of the hooded crows as they’ve very nervous birds and […]

Animal Crackers

September 23, 2014


Bryan & pooches

Now for something completely different – recent photos of our four dogs, Zoe, Ziggy, Milly & Molly, and our cats  Jezebel, Sweetie and Bella. This set is of our biggest dog, Zoe, playing around. She’s usually very stately and aware of her status as Top Dog, but when she starts stuffing around, she looks really […]

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Eagle Central

September 23, 2014


I was going through my photographs the other day and came across this one I took of two wedge-tailed eagles when we lived on the mid-north coast of New South Wales. They were high up so I can’t bring them any closer with cropping as the images get too fuzzy. Nevertheless, you can clearly see […]

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